Blog Archive: October 2014

"Mr. Levin Succeeds Brilliantly…."

Oct 28, 2014

By Erika Dreifus

Among our inaugural list titles is a classic literary thriller that we’re proud to be re-issuing: Meyer Levin’s Compulsion, a documentary novel inspired by the (in)famous Leopold and Loeb case of 1924. Levin’s novel was first published–to great acclaim (and sales)–in 1956. And so we’ve been digging back through archives to discover a bit more about its own history.

Jewish Book Carnival

Let's Talk About (Jewish) Books: Call for Contributions

Oct 23, 2014

By Erika Dreifus

All about an exciting endeavor from the Association of Jewish Libraries, how FTB is taking part, and how you can, too.

Looking for a Few Good Book Reviewers

Oct 7, 2014

By Erika Dreifus

You read that right. We’re looking for people to write book reviews for our site. (And yes, we will be paying those writers whose reviews we publish.) Interested? Keep reading.