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AJE Around the Web

Oct 27, 2015

By Erika Dreifus

Welcome to the latest installment of “American Jewish Experience Around the Web,” in which we curate for you some of the most compelling items we’ve discovered online lately that address American Jewish Experience (AJE).

Jewish Book Carnival

Step Right Up to the Jewish Book Carnival!

Oct 15, 2015

By Erika Dreifus

Welcome to the October 2015 stop for the Jewish Book Carnival! The Carnival is a project of one of our favorite organizations: the Association of Jewish Libraries. In its simplest terms, the Carnival is “a monthly event where bloggers who blog about Jewish books can meet, read and comment on each others’ posts.”

Five Ways to Celebrate THE SEA BEACH LINE

Oct 13, 2015

By Erika Dreifus

At long last, this day has come: the official publication date for Ben Nadler’s beautiful novel The Sea Beach Line.

We’ll be celebrating at a book launch—featuring Ben in conversation with Andrew Duncan Worthington—at BookCourt in Brooklyn next Sunday.

In the meantime, here are five more ways you can celebrate with us—anytime:

Remembering Henry Roth

Oct 6, 2015

By Erika Dreifus

Next week will mark the twentieth anniversary of the passing of Henry Roth. As The New York Times noted shortly after Roth’s death on October 13, 1995, Roth was a novelist “known for his masterpiece ‘Call It Sleep,’ an exact, unsparing portrait of the lives of poor Jewish immigrants in New York City in the early decades of this century, and then for experiencing perhaps the most mysterious career in modern American letters.”