Blog Archive: April 2016

ICYMI: Presenting Our April Newsletter

Apr 26, 2016

By Erika Dreifus

Blogs and social media are great and all, but sometimes the best way to stay in touch is the tried-and-true newsletter.


American Jewish Experience Around the Web

Apr 19, 2016

By Erika Dreifus

Welcome to the latest installment of “American Jewish Experience Around the Web.” In these posts, we curate for you some of the most compelling items we’ve discovered online lately that address American Jewish Experience (AJE).


Anticipating the Wallant Award Ceremony

Apr 12, 2016

By Erika Dreifus

Tomorrow evening something special will take place at the University of Hartford: the latest Wallant Award ceremony.

More from Maggie Anton

Apr 5, 2016

By Erika Dreifus

Maggie Anton is familiar to many readers as the author of the popular trilogy Rashi’s Daughters, the first installment of which, Joheved, is the subject of Adina Bernstein’s analysis in the latest installment of our “freelance review” project. What we did not realize when we made this assignment was that the author had a new project in the works. And it’s something!