AJE Around the Web

By Erika Dreifus on October 25, 2016


Welcome to the latest installment of “American Jewish Experience Around the Web.” In these posts, we share some of the most compelling items we’ve discovered online lately that address American Jewish Experience (AJE).

  • With some help from readers, Lilith magazine celebrates its 40th anniversary by spotlighting 40 feminist objects.
  • Writer Loren King became an “accidental tourist” at the Maine Jewish Museum—and has described the experience for the Boston Globe.
  • We’re eager to follow a new Forward column, “‘Shapiro’s Heroes,’ in which author Laurie Gwen Shapiro writes about under-the-radar Jewish people past and present, from all over the world.” In this installment, Shapiro profiles Larry Pomerance—and the NBC peacock. (Fun fact to recall: Abigail Pogrebin’s forthcoming My Jewish Year expands on her work for her own Forward column a couple of years ago.)
  • What’s your favorite Jewish moment in film or TV? The National Museum of American Jewish History’s artists-in-residence, Tiffany Shlain and Ken Goldberg, want you to tell them as they complete a project called The Whole Cinemagillah.
  • And on a somber note—a new report, published by the Steinhardt Social Research Institute at Brandeis University, examines “Hotspots of Antisemitism and Anti-Israel Hostility on U.S. Campuses.”

Have we missed other AJE items that you’d like to share? Tell us, in comments.