American Jewish Experience Around the Web

By Erika Dreifus on September 1, 2015


Welcome to the latest installment of “American Jewish Experience Around the Web,” in which we curate for you some of the best items we’ve discovered online lately that address American Jewish Experience (AJE).

  • “After five weeks of training in Alabama, with only prepacked kosher ready-made meals to eat…Seattle-based Chabad Lubavitch Rabbi Elie Estrin became the first Chabad officer in the history of the United States Air Force.” (via Times of Israel)
  • “Julius Rosenwald might be the biggest American Jewish philanthropist you’ve never heard of.” And there’s a new documentary all about him. Leah Falk writes about it for The Jewniverse.
  • Tips on how to host a kosher wine tasting, courtesy of TCJewfolk.
  • “With the Jewish year winding down, here’s a look back at 13 Jews who repeatedly made the news in 5775.” Brought to you by JTA.
  • And speaking of the approaching new year, you’ll find a collection of Rosh Hashanah-related content over on Tablet.