Amy Bloom: Author and Ethicist

By Erika Dreifus on March 31, 2015

Last month,  The New York Times Magazine‘s new Editor-in-Chief, Jake Silverstein, introduced readers to the publication’s re-designed version. Among other innovations, Silverstein explained, the magazine’s ethics feature

which has been in existence since 1999, has undergone the most radical overhaul: We have reimagined it as a podcast. On their weekly show, produced with our friends at Slate, our three-ethicist panel of Kenji Yoshino, Amy Bloom and Jack Shafer will discuss and debate the best way to solve readers’ ethical quandaries. In print and online, you’ll be able to read an edited excerpt from that conversation.

Amy Bloom—who is also a practicing psychotherapist—is the author of Away, the novel that Dinah Fay has reviewed for the latest installment of our own freelance review project. As I read Fay’s analysis, I couldn’t help wondering how the novel’s conflicts might appear as questions posed to Amy Bloom, Ethicist—and how she might respond. See what you think.