Out from Behind the Scenes: Our Editor-in-Chief

By Erika Dreifus on September 20, 2016


Our extraordinary Editor-in-Chief does much of her work behind the scenes. But next month, she’ll be joining other editors (and agents) at the BinderCon event in New York City. There, Michelle and others will receive and respond to “speed pitches” from writers.

In preparation for that event, Michelle was asked to supply some information about herself, plus some thoughts about the kinds of work that she is looking for as FTB EiC. We thought that even those of you who won’t be at BinderCon might appreciate this glimpse into her thinking.

Michelle Caplan brings her extensive experience as a freelance editor, creativity coach and ghost writer of fiction, creative non-fiction and film scripts to Fig Tree Books, having been the founder and senior editor at Core Writing Literary Services.  She holds a Bachelor and Master of Arts from Tufts University as well graduate degrees in psychology and coaching.  She is a former dancer and choreographer.

“I am looking for novels (including YA) and memoirs that touch upon the American Jewish experience in original, authentic and memorable ways. To buy a book, I need to fall in love with it. I adore distinctive voice-driven fiction with a provocative premise, brilliant prose, compelling characters, and an important central question that pulses through the narrative. As a reader I have eclectic taste and will consider both genre and literary fiction as long as they are relevant to our mission. I want authors that we are not only excited to read, but also whom we’d be excited to promote. We have published some fantastic books in our opening lists and we hope to acquire work from writers who can convey stories that will capture our hearts and add to the impressive canon of Jewish literature.”

Remember, you don’t need to attend BinderCon to have FTB consider your work! We’re open to submissions year-round. We love to hear from agents, but we’re pleased to consider un-agented work as well. You’ll find our guidelines and submission instructions right here.