All About Bellow

By Erika Dreifus on November 18, 2014

Consider yourselves forewarned: We’re going to be hearing a lot about Saul Bellow in 2015. Library Journal‘s Barbara Hoffert recently alerted us to a new volume of the famous author’s nonfiction (edited by Benjamin Taylor) that will be out in March: “Issued in time for the centenary of Bellow’s birth and the tenth anniversary of his death, this work collects the Nobel laureate’s nonfiction, including criticism, interviews, speeches, and other pieces ranging from his Nobel lecture to commentary on leading 20th-century artists like Philip Roth, Jackson Pollock, and Luis Buñuel. Taylor is also responsible for Saul Bellow: Letters; look for Zachary Leader’s new Bellow bio, coming from Knopf in May.”

So the time is especially ripe to revisit some of Bellow’s fiction, and we’re delighted to do so with the newest installment in our freelance review project: Lawrence J. Epstein’s write-up on Humboldt’s Gift. Whether you’ve read the book–which won the 1976 Pulitzer Prize for fiction–or it’s completely new to you, you’ll want to read Epstein’s take.