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Book Industry Disruption

Feb 11, 2020

By Fredric Price

The book industry is in a period of significant change, brought about in great part by the following set of occurrences in recent years: the rise of as a disruptive influence on book distribution, promotion, and pricing; the introduction of e-readers that have altered the way that books are purchased, promoted and read; the […]

Fig Tree Lit — Our New Newsletter

Feb 9, 2020

By Fredric Price

In December, 2019, we issued our first edition of Fig Tree Lit. Each month, we will put out a new issue that will have features including:¬†Jews of Different Hues (articles about Jews such as ‘Nightline’ co-anchor Juju Chang);¬†Apples and Honey (essays and short stories); Book Club Guides (currently featuring A River Could Be A Tree […]