Let's Talk About (Jewish) Books: Call for Contributions

By Erika Dreifus on October 23, 2014

Jewish Book Carnival

How many of you know about the Jewish Book Carnival? It’s a project of one of our favorite organizations: the Association of Jewish Libraries. In its simplest terms, the Carnival is “a monthly event where bloggers who blog about Jewish books can meet, read and comment on each othersā€™ posts.”

But “bloggers” can be defined broadly. If you run a podcast series, or you edit a publication that regularly posts book reviews/interviews online, you are warmly invited to participate, too. (What the Carnival does not welcome are posts from authors or publishers promoting their own books; here at FTB, we’ll be contributing selected content from our remarkable review archive and new reviews of other noteworthy fiction of American Jewish interest.)

We’ll also be participating by volunteering to host the Carnival from time to time. As its name suggests, the Carnival is itinerant, migrating from one host blog to another each month. We are delighted to be hosting the Carnival for November 2014. And we’d like to make it a Carnival to remember.

To that end, please consider participating by submitting a link from your own blog/site/podcast archiveĀ to me by Thursday, November 13, 2014. Bonus points if you write “Jewish Book Carnival” in the subject line of your email and present the information in the third person, ready to go. If this is entirely new to you, you’ll find it helpful to visit past Carnivals (archived on the HQ page) to see what’s typically featured and how the material is presented. Thanks so much–we hope to hear from you! And look for the November Carnival to post right here on the FTB blog on November 16 (since the usual date, the 15th, falls on Shabbat in November).

The icing on this cake? November 16 marks the launch of Jewish Book Month!