A Review To Close Out "The Year of the Former Soviet Author"

By Erika Dreifus on December 30, 2014

In a recent piece for The Forward, Yevgeniya Traps declares 2014 to have been “the year of the former Soviet author.” She writes: “Although writers hailing from the former Soviet Union have at this point been publishing long enough to have produced a household name — Gary Shteyngart, he of the critically beloved novels, attention begging book trailers, and prodigious (though apparently soon-to-be-limited) blurbs — 2014 was the Year of the Soviet Jew, the year when it seemed not a month went by without a new book from one.” Among the authors and titles she cites is Lara Vapnyar, whose latest novel, The Scent of Pine, was published in January.

As it happens, we had already planned to close out 2014 with a look back at one of Vapnyar’s earlier books. Through our freelance review project, we’re thrilled to welcome writer Christi Craig and her take on Vapnyar’s Memoirs of a Muse (2006). We hope that you enjoy it! See you back here on the blog in 2015!