Step Right Up to the Jewish Book Carnival!

By Erika Dreifus on October 15, 2015

Jewish Book Carnival

Welcome to the October 2015 stop for the Jewish Book Carnival! The Carnival is a project of one of our favorite organizations: the Association of Jewish Libraries (AJL). In its simplest terms, the Carnival is “a monthly event where bloggers who blog about Jewish books can meet, read and comment on each others’ posts.”

But “bloggers” can be defined broadly. If you run a podcast series, or you edit a publication that regularly posts book reviews/interviews online, you are warmly invited to participate, too. And you’ll notice all kinds of content in our contributors’ offerings this month.

On with the show!

  • First, an announcement from the AJL’s People of the Books blog: “The Association of Jewish Libraries will host its first-ever virtual book discussion via call-in show on Sunday, October 18, 2015, at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central/6pm Pacific Time. The book is The Wayward Moon by Janice Weizman. We’ll discuss the book by phone and record the discussion for those who miss it. Call 724-444-7444 and enter the Call ID 139461 to participate! The discussion will last approximately one hour.”
  • Deborah Kalb interviews a wide variety of authors about their books on her blog, Please take a look at her Q&A with Anna Bikont about Bikont’s book “The Crime and the Silence: Confronting the Massacre of Jews in Wartime Jedwabne,” now available in English. The book focuses on Jews in Poland during World War II, and it won the 2011 European Book Prize.
  • In September, Jill at Rhapsody in Books reviewed The Hired Girl by Laura Amy Schlitz. This is a memorable story set in 1911 about a young Catholic girl who goes to work as a maid in a Jewish household in Baltimore, and learns more than the occasional Yiddish phrase.
  • On the Book of Life podcast, Heidi Estrin interviews author Maggie Anton about Enchantress, a book of women, Talmud, and sorcery. This historical fiction/fantasy novel is the second book in the Rav Hisda’s Daughter series. Maggie’s interview about the first book, Apprentice, appeared on The Book of Life in October, 2013.
  • The Whole Megillah‘s Barbara Krasner interviews memoirist Sue William Silverman about her latest book, The Pat Boone Fan Club: My Life as a White Anglo-Saxon Jew (University of Nebraska Press).
  • Inspired by the Sukkot reading of the Book Ecclesiastes, the Life Is Like a Library blog looks at many books in a summary post that considers memoirs of leaving Orthodoxy, the latest Hereville adventure, and a new story about a feline composer.
  • The Jewish Book Council reminds us: “If you’re in New York City on Wednesday, October 28th, do not miss Raid the Shelves—Jewish Book Council’s annual book giveaway. Each year, Jewish Book Council opens its doors and offers hundreds upon hundreds of leftover books to those quick enough to grab them. All attendees must register in advance, so make sure to sign up early!” (Editor’s note: There is a fee of $15 to participate in this event.)
  • Over on Emunaroma, new Carnival contributor Rivka Levy offers a review of The Unfinished Diary: A Chronicle of Tears, by the late Rabbi Chaim Yitzchok Wolgelernter, who perished in the Holocaust.
  • Also new to the Carnival: Yossi Gremillion and his Yidlit reviews. This month, Yossi contributes (and we truly had nothing to do with this, honest—he sent it in on his own!) a review of Jessamyn Hope’s Safekeeping.
  • On my own personal blog, My Machberet, I spend some moments writing about work by my friend Suzanne Reisman.
  • Finally, we maintain a blog right here on the Fig Tree Books website, too, where we are, among other things, taking note of the 20th anniversary of the passing of author Henry Roth.