The Lasting Popularity of Steve Stern

By Erika Dreifus on March 1, 2016

Steve Stern is a popular guy around FTB. Just about a year ago, freelancer Rachel Unkefer wrote here about one of his novels, The Angel of Forgetfulness. We noted then that we were partial to his writing—including his praise for Jonathan Papernick’s The Book of StoneStern described the novel as “a psychological thriller with a complex soul. In the tradition of writers like Robert Stone and Ian McEwan, Papernick describes the quest to save oneself by redeeming history, and the perilous consequences that arise from confusing the two tasks. It’s a harrowing, distinguished book.”

So when another freelancer, Sarah Katz, proposed a review of another Stern novel, we agreed. And today we present that piece. We hope that you enjoy her take on The North of God.