Anno Horribilis

By Fredric Price on December 31, 2020

Well-known cultural anthropologist Wade Davis wrote a provocative article for Rolling Stone in August, titled ‘The Unraveling of America’. You can read it here: Among other pull-out quotes, this one stands out as the basic set-up of his message: “The COVID pandemic will be remembered as such a moment in history, a seminal event whose significance will unfold only in the wake of the crisis. It will mark this era much as the 1914 assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, the stock market crash of 1929, and the 1933 ascent of Adolf Hitler became fundamental benchmarks of the last century, all harbingers of greater and more consequential outcomes.”

It’s an important piece that should be read by those on the left, center, and right. 

One of the reasons I’m posting this is to generate responses by those who think Davis is either right on the mark or way off target, as well as those who think this is written ‘in the moment’ and that we need time — lots of it — to assess whether he is right or not.

In any event it is a legitimate way to end 2020 — this anno horribilis. May 2021 bring us a different world.