Brief review of Tightrope

By Fredric Price on September 8, 2020

What to know how the other half lives? Why there’s a big divide in the U.S.? How we got to where we are in terms of a disappearing middle class and a sense of hopelessness? You may be shocked into doing something after you’ve read this excellent book. Tightrope: Americans Reaching for Hope by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. At the end, they give some really good ideas as to how we can get out of the mess where in. That assumes, of course, that someone at the top of the executive branch and in the senate is listening…

During the last two months of the election cycle, it can be hard concentrating on anything other than the most up-to-date headlines. But take a break and delve into the book. You may be surprised to find that it contains a good amount of background on why the country is in the shape it’s in. For those who are reasonably well-sheltered in the country today, it will undoubtedly come as a shock to know that there are a lot of people who are not physically so distant, but who are socially, economically, and psychologically living practically in another universe.