MY JEWISH YEAR is the Work of a “Gifted Wordsmith,” Says This Reviewer

Author: Abigail Pogrebin

March 15, 2017

“Abigail Pogrebin is a gifted wordsmith. Her one-year exploration into Jewish holidays is at times amusing, irreverent, evocative, fascinating, and enlightening. She proffers an intimate and deeply personal understanding of her own Jewish experience; and she delivers a depth of understanding of Jewish holidays, laws, rituals, prayers, and behaviors, made more relevant by commentaries and explanations from wide-ranging perspectives….The book produces insight for the Ultra-Orthodox Jew, the Humanistic Jew, and everyone in between, as well as for the gentile or atheist. Whether you’re just slightly curious about the meaning underlying Jewish holidays, or you seek a vast and deep repository of knowledge, My Jewish Year will be of significant value.”

From Charles Weinblatt’s review on the New York Journal of Books website.