Saving Free Speech Review

Author: Thane Rosenbaum

January 1, 1970

In this book, Thane Rosenbaum explores whether the United States is best served by unlimited speech—extended even to  terrorists of the left and right,  as well as other enemies of the open society—or whether certain restrictions on the 1st Amendment are necessary for a free society to not be subverted from within. 


With a strong grasp of constitutional law, case law, and a keen interest in genuine freedom of speech, Rosenbaum has written an important book that will likely prove controversial to many. His questions and proposed remedies are ones that all those interested in freedom of expression should take seriously. As a free speech absolutist, this has given me great food for thought.⎯⎯Ayaan Hirsi Ali, activist, feminist, author, scholar, former politician, and a Fellow with the Hoover Institution at Stanford University