Salute to my maternal grandfather

By Fredric Price on November 4, 2020

November 1 would have been the 130th birthday of my maternal grandfather, Bill Hirshberg. He was born in the States in 1890, and was a major presence in my life. So much so that when I adopted a pseudonym as an author, I chose his last name. (I use the first name of my father-in-law, the other significant influence in my life). Bill was a Teddy Roosevelt Republican who abhorred Nixon; I can’t imagine what he would have said about #45. He lived until 1994; at 104, he was full of vigor. On my last visit with him shortly before he died, we played backgammon. He won. The enclosed photo is from 1912. His phenotype is present when I look at my three sons. 

If any reader of this blog has old photos of relatives and short anecdotes about them, please share on this blog or on Facebook, etc.